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Govt-trained coaches to help addicts recover, says MOH

PARTICIPANTS of the Certified Recovery Coach 2.0 training programme will be able to assist the government and private sector in helping drug addicts, said Deputy Health Minister Lukanisman Awang Sauni.

Lukanisman said 33.66% of the cases are repeat addicts, so the programme can act as a support system to reduce the number of those who return to addiction.

He said the programme’s training modules include screening, intake and assessment, case management, reporting and documentation, crisis intervention, recording comorbidities and mental illnesses, building professional ethics and values, considering clients, families and other stakeholders, interviewing candidates, and relapse motivation.

“This programme provides a solid knowledge foundation about substance use, abuse and addiction through a variety of courses that focus on addiction treatment, and allows participants to plan their learning process to fit their career opportunities and interests,” he said at the programme launch today.

He said the programme, conducted since 2019, has seen 40 participants, some of whom have been upgraded from peer-support mentors to employees, and are contracted by the National Anti-Drug Agency.

He said two participants have opened a private rehabilitation centre in Selangor while other participants are working at several rehabilitation centres as officials and programme heads.

– Bernama, March 15, 2023.

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